Grumpy God and Imaginary Dragon – Photo 101 Day 18

The following couple of photos were taken on the last Lunar New Year, at a village located on the Northwestern part of China.

The sculpture of a grumpy god ridding on a lion – like animal was standing besides the front door of a tea store.  It was funny that the god was wearing a red scarf on his neck, which might attribute to the fact that red is the chosen color for Chinese New Year celebration.  I don’t know the reason why the god’s Face looked so angry, and why the owner of the tea store let him be a guardian of the store.  I sincerely hoped that no customers of the tea store, especially young kids, would be scared by his popped eyeballs.

During post adjustment, the vertical edge of the brown plate, together with the edge of the stone beneath the god, was used as reference to make the god stand perfect straight.


The following photo was taken inside the yard of a farmer’s house, while we stopped by to have a lunch.  The family was fairly wealthy, but they still kept something from their ancestors, such as this set of the decorative treasures.  The carved phenix on the brick wall and the imaginary dragons sitting on each side of “lucky pot”, I believe, are serving as the blessing symbols for this family.

The edges of the standing wall were used to adjust entire photo to make it symmetric.



Theme: Edge & Alignment 


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