Yes, They Survived!

The weather at Minnesota can be unpredictable, especially during the months of March or April.

On early March of this year, the temperature rose above 60 degree.  On the last day of the ski season, the snow on the ground started melting and many kids were skiing or snowboarding shirtless.  There was even a closing celebration of the ski season – pond skimming.  People were excited to see the cold weather finally behind us.  I even noticed that some flowers buds growing out of the soil and ready to smile towards the sun.

However, couple of days ago an unexpected snowstorm swept southern part of Minneapolis, with up to 14 in snow left on the ground.  Besides disappointed I am more worried about those flower buds in our yard.  I am afraid that those little buds were killed by such a blizzard.

photo-1 copy

photo-2 copy

While I was taking pictures of snowstorm through living room window, I was surprised that there was a chickadee flying through the snow shower and landing on a tree branch.  The little bird sitting in snow revealed the strength of the lives, and brought me a hope that those flower buds could also survive.

photo-6 copy

I was right, today I saw those buds still standing strong!

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