He is Dancing over Snow Again!

Winter at Minnesota is all about ski or snowboarding, which usually extends until the middle of March.

During the last few days of ski & snowboarding season of 2015, I luckily captured a young boy doing backward somersault (the picture is here).  I applied the techniques in photoshop to combine 4 photos together in order to form a series of actions in the middle of air.  The results after photoshop turned out better than I expected, and I was eager to find the boy and give the photo to him.  So I went back to the same ski-hill next day only to hope him show up again, but I couldn’t find him.  Soon enough I forgot about the photo and the boy.

During the last day of ski & snowboarding season of 2016, the resort built a pond full of water at the bottom of the ski hill so that the skiers and snowboarders could fly over water driven by inertia from the fast movement down the ski hill.  I was there to take photos on this so called “Pond Skim“.  At the very end of this activity, a young boy on a snowboard accelerated to the end of the pond and jumped into air, flipped backward and landed on the snow.  His series of motions reminded me of the boy in a red shirt doing backward somersault a year ago.

“Is that you?”, I showed him the photo in my phone I took a year ago.

“Yes, that is me!”  He seemed excited to see the photo of him doing backward somersault.  “I got a new board this year, but I still have that red shirt,” he smiled.  I sent him the photo of backward somersault.

Later I also processed some of his pictures captured during pond skimming, on which he Dances again!


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