OnePhoto Focus – March 2016

It is the time for OnePhoto Focus, we are editing a photo provided by Nancy Merrill.

Here is the original photo,


Each time before I adjust a photo, I take sometime to understand the contents in the photo.  However, I have hard time to understand the building in this photo.  It looks like a motel by its structure, but the writing on the plate seems to tell me it is actually a theater.  I couldn’t read the entire writing on the plate, otherwise I would have googled this “theater” to find out its history or other stories behind.

To me the plate, together with the writings on it, remains mysterious, so that I decided to emphasize it by placing it onto one – third location, and by increasing its vibrance and saturation.  Meanwhile I cropped most of the trees and made the building close to monochrome.

Here is the final results:

Yan One Photo Focus March

I would really appreciate any information of the building and the exact writings on the plate.


2 thoughts on “OnePhoto Focus – March 2016

  1. It is certainly Bavarian in architecture…..We have a small town up in the mountains, in my state of Washington, called Leavenworth. Every building, including the McDonalds, chain grocery stores and banks all are Bavarian style. It’s a requirement if they want to be there.


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