A Lonely Valentine


I had never spent any Valentine days alone since I married to my husband in 2003, until the last one.

I travel to my hometown, Xi’an, China between Feb 4 and Feb 18, 2016 alone to celebrate Lunar New Year.  The past Valentine Day was on the seventh of Lunar New Year.

Immersed in a sort of loving atmosphere at my hometown, I decided to have sometime by myself at a local coffee store (actually the store was sourced from Taiwan, named as “御品軒“).  To my surprise, the store was fairly empty with a very few customers.  I ordered a cup of coffee and a small piece of cake with a half-cut fresh strawberry on its top.  That half-cut strawberry looked just like a heart.  I was looking around to snap some photos while enjoying my coffee and cake.

Then I saw this lonely Teddy bear sitting across a few tables from me.  His head slightly tipped down and his eyes showed sadness.  For some reasons I felt that Teddy’s look was just reflection of my own State of Mind – being far away from my loved one on this Valentine Day.

So I decided to record the moment, and share with my readers.

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