What is the State of Their Mind?

During the last trip to my hometown, Xi’an, China, I visited a scenic village – Yuan Jia (袁家村).  Even though it was crowed due to holiday season, I did have a great time to experience the local cultures and made close contact with local people.

This guy with a pair of old styled glasses was selling hot tea while smoking pipe.  He was especially working and smoking hard and proudly soon after he noticed me aiming my camera on him.  I believe that earning money by selling hot tea wasn’t the reason he stands there all day long, interactions with people from all over the world really builds his good State of Mind.

In a small farmer’s house, I saw this old man sitting in front of old styled sewing machine.  The machine reminded me of a similar one at my parents’ house which has been with my family since I was a young kid.  The old man was shy and tried to move away when he saw me take off the lens cap.  I asked him to sit where he was so that I could include him into the picture.  I snapped the photo of the sewing machine, him and a piece of cigarette between his fingers.  In the photo, he is completely Relaxing among the hustle and bustle.  This easygoing is another kind of State of Mind.


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