The Photos with Complementary Colors

This is the entry to “CEE’S COMPOSE YOURSELF PHOTO CHALLENGE: #17 Complementary / Harmonious Colors”.

The following photo was taken on Lunar New Year’s Eve (Feb 7, 2016).  Those sanitation workers were collecting together and getting ready to sweep the streets.  I was moved by their dedication to a better appearance of my hometown while all others were busy enjoy their time off during new year’s celebration.

The orange suits of the works are complementary with the red lanterns nearby, and they were all bringing warmth to the cold weather at winter time.


There was an interesting and delicious dish on the lunch table of family gathering on the second day of Lunar New Year (Feb 9, 2016) – “fish” yogurt.  It was one of the desserts, and was as cold as its color told.



Thanks for visiting my post, and I hope you enjoy my work.

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