The Farmer’s Market on Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is the time for the farmers at China to gather together to sell their products and show their special skills.

It was the first time for me to visit one of the farmer’s markets near my hometown – Xi’an.  The weather finally turned to sunny on this passing Lunar New Year (February 08) after series of cold snowy days.  It felt as warm as spring.  I was surprised how many people were at the market, it was so crowded that I couldn’t take one step forward without making physical contact with somebody around me.

I, together with my two sisters and two brother – in – laws, had to call each other’s names really loudly in order not to get lost among the flows of people.

To my surprise, there was no any fresh products for sell, instead, there were a lot of stands selling different kinds of cooked foods, such as sticky tofu, sweets made of corns or puffed rice, candied fruits on sticks, etc.

But the most appealing part of the market was those “talents” shows of the farmers.  There was storytelling using local dialect, or local operas.  Even though I didn’t understand what the stories were, I could see the excitement among the audience.

I had an opportunity to watch a lady manually spinning an old styled wooden wheel to make threads.  After staring on her hands for a long time, I still failed to figure out how the threads coming out from the wheel, even harder for me to understand the next step after spinning – weaving.


I was amazed by the processes of candy – making, – a young girl blew air into the melt sugar to somehow form various animals.

There was also acrobatics by couple of little kids dressed in monkey suit to celebrate the arrival of the year of Monkey.


In Chinese tradition, a Lunar New Year is also called a spring festival, indicating the change in Seasons, from winter to spring.  People would like to take the advantage to welcome arrival of a new spring.

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