My First Experience to Take Portraits

We are having an unusual warm winter at Minnesota.  With temperature above freezing, the snow starts melting away.

During this passing weekend, I was learning to take portraits with myself as both model and photographer.  Our front yard, with partially melt snow, was used as background.  I liked to have snow and trees as blurring background.

Based on the outdoor light, I set up all parameters for Nikon D800, also instructed my husband how to use autofocusing function with the camera.

Lightroom was used to reduce noise and adjust light, color, clarity, etc.  Photoshop’s layers were used to remove a few flaws, wrinkles and blemishes on model’s face.  During the processes of post – adjustments, I learned how to use “dodge tool” in photoshop to brighten model’s eyes.  Here is the first portrait:


In order to celebrate upcoming Valentine Day, I also instructed my husband take couple of photos with well – focused hands but blurring faces.  Then I added a heart shape with writing “I Love You” above model’s hands.  The heart shape was from one of my daughter’s stuffed toys.  Here are the final results after layer combinations in Photoshop:



I am glad that I learned something new during the weekend.

My portfolio at Shutterstock




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