Easygoing – a Mix of Quality and Cultivation


I have been thinking of the definitions of “Easygoing”.  What is it?

I was told that a person of easygoing should to go with the flow instead of being persistent on his own opinions.  I was also told that a person of easygoing should be amicable instead of being preoccupied with his own necessities.  According to the most people, a person of easygoing should be super nice without any bottom lines.

I believe the state of easygoing represents a quality, a self – cultivation and a mentality.  It is the result only after a person has set any desires, fames and monetary wealth aside to remain a peaceful mind even fluctuating through a perfect storm.

A person who reaches at the stage of easygoing must have experienced numerous ups and downs in life, and have embraced the world around him into his mind and obtained broad view for his future.  He has a great foresight, and the characteristics of self – effacing with an understanding that everybody has strength and weakness.  He also has his bottom lines, and is able to control his greediness not to waste any effort on anything against his principles.

A person of easygoing must be well-educated, knowing how to communicate effectively with others, how to get insight into others’ real feeling by putting himself into others’ shoes.  He should also be grateful on what he already has, not hesitate to offer praises and sincere smile after discovering any of others’ achievements.

Pursuance for the advantages in materials is not a first priority for a person of easygoing, instead he is more focusing on cultivating kindness and striving to make the world a better place.

As a result, a person of easygoing is actually equipped with wisdom in heart, peace in mind and wealth in spirit.  These special assets can only be possessed by a person who has overcome the hardship and understood the essence of the life.

In the end easygoing is a kind of capability.


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