Dancing on Snow or in Snow

This winter at Minnesota has been drier and warmer than usual.  I have been looking forward to taking pictures with snowfall, but I ended up with some disappointments.  Finally there was a weather forecast on Monday that there would be close to 10 inch snowfall within next 24 hours.  The snowfall started on Monday night, I was so excited and prepared for photo shoot on next morning.  However snowfall stopped on Tuesday morning, only left 5 ~ 6 inches snow covering ground.

Even though the snow on the ground didn’t completely fulfill my desire to take pictures of snowfall, I was still able to have some fun on our front yard.

Here is one of the photos which I was “dancing” while my husband was busy pressing shutter.


Afterwards I searched through internet to see whether there are any ways to create snowfall effect with Lightroom or Photoshop.  I found this video and I followed the steps to create snow effect:

Snow Creation in Photoshop

This is the final result:


What do you think?  Isn’t it fun?

Let me know your thoughts.


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