A Fun Day at Ski Hill

Yesterday at Minnesota was cold, with temperature in its low teen.  But it was bright and sunny, which meant a great opportunity to shot some activities with extremely high shutter speed (1/4,000 ~ 1/3,000 seconds).

I took my now best friend – DSLR camera to a ski hill near my home, selected couple of spots and started my “high – speed mission”.  I selected ISO 100 (I seldom used ISO higher than 100 since I don’t want to deal with excessive noise afterwards), switched from manual to aperture priority mode and selected f2.8, the camera automatically figured out the shutter speed is around 1/3,000 seconds.

Here are some of the photos I took. Look at those young kids flying in the air as if they were Weight(less), and their Optimistic attitude has warmed up the cold winter at Minnesota!

I am satisfied with the results, even though I was carrying a risk to be knocked down by those skiers and snowboarders, also at the end my figures and toes were numbed.

One thing I learned from this experience that the aperture could be lowered to f5 ~ f6.3 to increase the depth of length to prevent blurring.

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