Gathering to Burst Happiness

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It is almost time to celebrate the Gathering of families and friends!

Even though I consider myself a very bad cook, I have still been trying to make something new for our family.  I chose to roast chestnuts.  But an unpleasant experience to cook chestnuts at my childhood left a “scar” in my mind.  Back in China chestnuts were cooked mixing with sand in a deep fry pan.  Once a while I could hear the noise of bursting and see the tiny pieces flying from the fry pan to everywhere.  One time some of the hot pieces from bursted chestnuts hit my face, I was totally scared.  Fortunately the incident didn’t leave any marks on my face.

After learning from the past experience, I was especially careful while roasting chestnuts at home.  I sliced a cross opening on the top of each chestnut to outlet the gas from heat.  I soaked the chestnuts in sugar syrup for couple hours, coated them with oil, roasted them inside over at 400 degree for 25 minutes.

There was no incident through the entire processes.  At the end, all chestnuts opened their “mouths” and bursted to happiness!

Macro lens was used to record my victory.

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