It is never too late!

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When we are getting older, and growing out of our innocent world, unconsciously we are losing another key characteristic – braveness and courage. This means that we are getting used to those things and the environments we have been building over years, and becoming hesitate or scared to try anything new or uncomfortable to us. We have learned patience but forgotten to strive; we are always looking back instead of looking forward.

While I (I guess many other people as well) recall the journey I have been going through in the past, there were some periods which made me want to hop onto a time machine to go back, and to persuade myself to make another choice, to follow another path or to take another action.

However we are often lost in our own comfortable zone, moreover hidden beneath the shell of old experience we are gradually moving away from the attitude of confidence and curiosity, and are settling down with our stable presence.

“I just want to go with the flow. What if I fail after trying something new and innovative?” We ask ourselves again and again. Owning to this kind of concern, we often carefully calculate the probabilities of failure and success, and more than likely we exaggerate the former. In the processes of calculation we are actually looking for the excuses for us not to move forward to fulfill our emerging dreams.

Many years ago a young man wrote to his idol that he had to following his family’s wishes to go for a stable career which he didn’t really like. His idol wrote back, “Do what you love and the God will happily open a door for you to succeed, even if you are 80 years old.” The young man listened to the advice and switched from medical field to literature. Later he became one of the most influential writers in Japan.

We are constantly obtaining what we want by paying the price of losing something else. As a result we tempt to tightly guard what we already gotten in fear of losing them due to some impulsive ideas. But have we ever considered that when we gaze at the Moonlight we might have missed the magnificence of entire sky?

We used to be extremely frivolous while we were younger, those fearless days were as if not too long ago. Right now we are longing for those days coming back to us once more so that we can step into a brand new areas, even though we might fail we may always start over.

Youth is indeed a mentality not just limited to skin or body. This mentality represents the courage to face any failures and the willingness to take great risks. Once a while I see somebody much older than me, who are still producing new dreams and more importantly taking actions to pursue those dreams. From them I learned that regardless of age, as long as we can dream, deep insight and great temperament are always our companies. I also learned that life is a process during which a person can choose to say goodbye to the past, renew the presence and carve some new marks into the future.

So as said we should not be scared by our wildest dreams, or by any imaginations that any steps could lead us to the very worst results. Otherwise we might end up with something as a “commodity” lacking uniqueness.

Many times in our life, after failure we must make choice to start from the beginning.  Only due to those temporary setbacks, cracks in our journey can sunlight emit onto us. Only after going through frustration can we appreciate the warmth, only after falling into deep valley can we climb onto the peak of success, only after suffering over pain, can we enjoy the happiness.

Life is a long journey, it is never too late to start over.

Written for Thanksgiving 2015

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