OnePhoto Focus – November 2015

It is the time for the excitement again – One Photo Focus!

Here is the original picture.


It was from Helen Chan HHC Blog.

It is a treehouse, a cool fusion of nature and man-made stuctures literally interwined with one another.  The Aspen Treehouse is a large banyan tree that over the years has literally swallowed an old warehouse that once belonged to Tait & Co Merchant House, Taiwan.

Lightroom and photoshop were used for adjustment.

After cropping out sky and tree on the top of the photo and removing some unwanted objects around the door frame, I went to “split toning” of Lightroom to play around with highlights, shadows, saturation and balance until I was satisfied with the old and aged effects.

I was also intending to add a human’s best friend – dog into the picture, to create a story of nostalgia.  A dog used to stay in this old place with its owner, the owner later passed away but the dog still came here everyday to wait for the owner show up again sometime.

I spent sometime to search through internet for a sorrowful looking dog, and got a dark brown one.

Photoshop was used to insert the images of sorrowful dog into the picture through layers.  Later I also added another layer and used gradient tool to create the foggy effect on the top part of the photo so that the photo looks mysterious.

Here is the final result.


Thanks for looking, any feedbacks are welcomed and appreciated.


14 thoughts on “OnePhoto Focus – November 2015

  1. I love how much clearer and brighter it is, and love the dog. You can see inside better and the vines really stand out more.

    Liked by 1 person

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