Young Pretty Women = Professional Mistresses


Even though the so – called gender equality has been advocated in China for many years, it has never been actually accepted in the society.  Instead Chinese females have been facing less and less growth opportunities in career and life.  For those young women who dream to be successful or wealthy or both before they reach to their middle age (around 40 according to Chinese standards), they, especially those pretty ones, choose to adhere to those already successful older men by being their mistresses.

In nowadays, mistress is one of the luxurious accessories for a successful Chinese man or even a social status.  Not all men can afford to maintain a mistress since her goal is to obtain money thus she is undoubtedly very expensive!

The emerging of mistress showed significant transform of a society from previous rigid format, however, this “commercialization” degrades the dignity of Chinese women and makes them worthless.  The entrepreneurs in China take their mistresses in a lot of public activities without any hesitation, their wives know the situation but choose to be silent as long they can also get enough money from their husband to enjoy their life styles.

The corruption among those officers of Chinese government is mostly associated with mistress, a research result showed that around 95% of the officers who have been investigated have extramarital affairs, ironically 60% of troubled officers were actually brought to light by their mistresses simply because they failed to satisfy the desires (mostly for money) of their mistresses.

Mistress is not just limited in China, it can be around the world.  We might still remember the affair inside the Oval Office years ago.  The only distinct characteristics for the mistresses in China is that they can show off their status – since what they are doing has become their professional.  Meanwhile a man with mistress (or mistresses) is accepted or even respected by others.

Is this phenomenon continuing the old tradition in China – polygamy?

Some people who work for those successful entrepreneurs or high officers in the government are happily helping their bosses to seek for pretty women – the candidates of their bosses’ mistresses.  The requirements for female employees in some organizations include the measurement of chest, waist and hip plus nice facial features – just as beauty pageants.  Those isolated “villages” where the mistresses share with their masters are much more expensive compared with the home of ordinary Chinese, the residents there (mistresses) are often envied by the people around.   The entire society has turned to be that people prefer contemn the poor to prostitute (笑貧不笑娼)。

While the average income of Chinese is growing, the gap of income between female and male is becoming wider, from 78% at the beginning of 1990 to current 67%.  This trend promotes even more young female looking for the shortcut to be rich – turning to mistresses of rich men.

Accompanied by the appearance of professional mistresses, a marriage in young generation also includes the monetary exchange between a man and a woman, – a man has to own a house or / and have a certain amount of money in order to marry a woman.  This sketches a scenario that the most valuable asset for a woman is her body, for a man his wallet.  Under this circumstance a woman is gradually losing her social status and independence, the only thing she might accomplish in her life is to become a man’s accessory.

For me I celebrate my decision to leave the country twenty – two years ago, and to establish my independence and life in a brand new continent – North America!


7 thoughts on “Young Pretty Women = Professional Mistresses

  1. Yan, I can’t press “like” to this because it is too raw, too truthful, to sad. Many young women even resort to such extreme procedures like having their leg bones broken so they can grow taller, just to get a job. this ‘mistress culture’ has infiltrated even the non-rich. My colleague’s friend found out her husband had been having an affair. as she loved him and did everything for him, she felt devasted. she attempted suicide. she did not succeed. these people do not think about the people they are hurting. but as you say, it is so complicated, some people prefer the easy life. but too many people suffer because of other’s “easy life”. Society everywhere is going totally crazy. For the women who chose to make their own life and own careers, at the tender age of 27 or 28 they are already being called :”left over women”. So much for women holding up half the sky.


    1. Hi, Debbie, totally understand. Those men I met in China tried so hard to “educate” me to sacrifice for their life and their families, without even promising to offer me anything in return. In their mind a woman is just an accessory for men. I was lucky that I escaped out of the environment, to establish a life I have been enjoying here, in US.

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      1. Yes Yan, everyone has their own fates and destinies. Good and bad in every country, but for women the world over – I think the situation is deteriorating. It’s appalling what happens to many women in China – have you read Xinran’s books? Amazing stories but very heartbreaking.


      2. Sorry to hijake a conversation, I just read Xinran’s book on China’s one child policy and the effect it’s having on the present generation, it certainly is an eye opener. Is there another book of hers that’s on inequality of gender?

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    2. I am more worried about what those mistresses will do when they get older (maybe after 30) and are replaced by younger mistresses? Are they going to become a group of uselessness since with the time going money they earn by selling their youth will eventually run out? The loosing policy for the second child might relax the problem of aged population, but who can solve the emerging problems caused by mistresses?

      Please send me the link to the book you mentioned, I would like to take a look.



  2. I think women need to start to focus on themselves more than in a marriage or romantic relationship. Men aren’t worth it.
    We can’t blame women for wanting to be mistresses if married men (who are in a relationship) decide to have one. They are paid for having sex. But it’s more exclusive (not like prostitutes). It’s more in the long term = more financial security.
    Money always talk more than morality. No matter where and no matter who.

    Sex and Money is the center of a man’s life. Once a man won’t have sexual desires, then he will slow down with being a predator.
    We can’t stop men for pursuing their natural behavior. We can stop ourselves to not get involve with men. That’ s the only answer.


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