Autumn, a romantic sorrow

yan_on_field copy

I am wandering in the forest of autumn
while feeling melancholy from your departure;
I am watching leafs falling and flowers withering
while humming a melody you played for me.

I am bathing in the warmth of sunlight
to see green changing into yellow and red;
I was expecting a splendid autumn
but it is turning to a romantic sorrow.

I am counting the days, months and years
to recall the remaining impressions on you;
as if drops of raining touching on my heart
to bring those moments back to me.

An autumn brought us together
and we shared the same cup of hot tea;
its fragrance infused around me since then
to cultivate my path of life.

It is again golden October
I am looking far for your image;
if life once again brings you to me
I will wait with armful of flowers just for you.



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