“Be Careful!” I Yelled in Panic

In oriental tradition, during Lunar New year, the house door of each family should be adored by some blessing words brushed on red pagers.  They are called couplet and cross – link (對聯, 橫批).  On New Year Eve, people have to glue those red papers on the frames of their doors.

During last Lunar New Year Eve, while I was wondering along a Chinese tradition styled street, from far way I spotted an old couple decorating their door with the red papers.  They are about the age of my parents.  The man was tiptoeing on three stacked benches and stretching his arms as far as he could in order to reach the upper frame, and the lady was watching closely and preparing herself in case of accident.

夫妻貼對聯 copy

I started getting panic since I don’t want to see the old man fall from the stack of benches and break some ribs or limbs.

“Be Careful!” I yelled on top of my voice.

The lady seemed to understand my concerns, she turned around and waved to me with smile on her face before she turned back to continuously watch her husband. I guessed that she was very confident on the man doing the work up high, but mostly she preferred me to shut up and move away.

I then took off my lens cap and snapped couple of photos and left them alone.


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