Things made from woods

This is my entry for this week’s “CEE’S BLACK & WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE: Things made from woods”.

These two huge water wheels are fabricated from wood, the reproduction of an agricultural tool used in ancient China.  I am not sure how such wheels were used in ancient time.  My imagination tells me that the water stream rotates the wheels, and the rotating wheels drive some kinds of machines.

Anybody knows more functions of these huge wheels?

water_wheel copy

The collection of color pencils belongs to my daughter.  They are made of woods and sit in a wooden basket.  My daughter has been using them on various art projects at school


I adore any quaint accessories made of wood.  I bought a pair of heart – shaped earring crafted from dark brown wood a day before I departed China for US over twenty years ago.  I was wearing it everyday while I was at school and received a lot of compliments due to its unique oriental style.  Unfortunately it was lost during moving.  I still have vivid memory on it, and have been looking for a similar pair whenever I visit any jewels stores.



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