Always Take More than One Photo

This is the entry to “CEE’S COMPOSE YOURSELF CHALLENGE: WEEK #3 Always Take More than One Photo”.

Whenever I found anything I like, I always try to take more than one photos.  There are some reasons for this:

  1. In case one raw file get deleted by accidence;
  2. In case one photo is off – focus / blurring, especially taking photos on something in motions;
  3. In case one photo has over – exposure or under – exposure;
  4. In case one photo doesn’t capture the best story;
  5. In case one photo has too much noise.

Here are two groups of photos I took lately.

red_leaf_2 copy

red_leaf_1 copy


It was very windy day when I was taking those red leaves, the bright red leaves were dancing with the wind.  It was hard to have them stay still for a moment, so I captured a series of photos at the same location in hope to find couple of well – focused ones as above.

On a sunny autumn day I ran into two ladies who were jogging on a road besides Normandale Lake.  I quietly followed them for a while in order to take photos of their happy moments.  They were walking faster than I was, as a result, they were in motion relative to me.  Then I snapped several photos while I was walking behind them without letting them notice my existence.  By the end I did get some ok ones to share.

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2 thoughts on “Always Take More than One Photo

  1. Lovely autumn pics Yan – and those ladies could be entitled “friendship” – your pics seem to capture somethign of the solid friendship between those two ladies on their morning walk.

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