What Does It Mean?

This is my entry to “CEE’S FUN FOTO CHALLENGE: Graffiti & Murals”.

Above two photos were snapped at my hometown.  The red one was a paper cut posted on a wall of a restaurant, it was formed by the interaction of a dragon and phenix, which means power and fortune in Chinese.  The owner of the restaurant intended to use the sign to bring more business in the upcoming year.  The second one was engraved on a rock and written in ancient Chinese – hieroglyphs, I have no ideas what it mean.

Missisippi_bridge_art copy

The one above was taken underneath Mississippi Bridge pier.  The paintings and writings are vibrant, maybe from the persons who secretly expressed their untold feelings or ideas.

Graffiti & Mural reminds me of those crazy years at China during the Cultural Revolution.  As a little kids I witnessed that people utilized every piece of walls they could find to painted slogans in bright red to attack others who had different political opinions.  But all those slogans were brushed off later, then I couldn’t take any photos of them to keep some memories from the past.

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