OnePhoto Focus – October 2015

It is the time for the excitement again – One Photo Focus!

Here is the original picture.

lake_original copy

It looks like a hot summer day on a lake.

Lightroom and photoshop were used for adjustment.

After cropping out some sky and water, I also bump up the shadow to let the buildings and trees besides the lake show off.  Then I increased the clarity to reveal more ray of sunlight.  I also warmed up the entire picture, then I reduced some amount of vibrance and saturation to make the picture more like monochromatic.

I am most interested in adding some people in the picture to fill those empty water space.  I spent sometime thinking what I should add, one of my hobbies – yoga, inspired me.  But I have never practiced yoga on the surface of water, so I downloaded some images from internet showing couple of ladies practicing yoga on paddle boards.

Photoshop was used to insert the images of yoga practice on paddle boards through layers.  Even though I might never be able to balance on any paddle boards, I am happy to see others doing the practice.

Here is the final results.

lake_adjusted copy

Thanks for looking, any feedbacks are welcomed and appreciated.

10 thoughts on “OnePhoto Focus – October 2015

  1. Super fun edit! I so enjoy this. Ironically, I have done some paddle-board yoga too – not any amazing moves as those ladies though, lol. That is some intense yoga on a board! Thank you so much for editing my picture and making it so creative of an edit. It totally made me smile. 🙂

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  2. I am torn with your image, on one side i like the idea of adding the yoga people into the image, on the other hand I find them quite distracting. I am really not sure what i think. I think if they had been added like ripped out pictures of a magazine added to the image I would be onboard more. A nice edit as it has got me thinking.

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  3. Yan, a fun edit, for sure! I can’t do yoga on dry land let alone on a paddle board (for that matter, I’ve never even BEEN on a paddle board 😄). I quite like your idea of adding people, though like Ben, I find the bright white of the images pulls my eye from the rest of the lovely photo. Though not having a huge array of Photoshop skills, I would have no idea how to color tone the clipart to match the photo 😉 Thanks so much for bringing your creativity to One Photo Focus!

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