Two Desserts at New Year’s Dinner

This is my entry to “CEE’S FUN FOTO CHALLENGE: SENSE OF TASTING”, and weekly photo challenge – Treat

I must admit that I have sweet tooth.  Even though I try to stay away from too much sweet foods, once a while after a hardworking day I like to treat myself with some sweetness.

During past Lunar New Year, I flew back to my hometown, Xi’an, China to reunion with my family.  A family dinner became a precious time during which we shared with each other the stories in our lives, meanwhile good foods.

There were two sweet dishes on the dinner table, which I consider as the best treats I have ever had in my life, they impressed me so much that I can’t stop recalling the moments I tasted them.

The first one looks like “messy hairs”.  It is made by stir-frying sweet potato with melt sugar.  After sugar is melt under high temperature, the chef extracts thing silky strings from the liquid sugar, twists and tangles around a pile of sliced sweat potatoes and puffed rice before serving the customers.  The name of the dish is called “sweet potato buried in silky strings” (“拔絲地瓜”).  Due to its difficulty level only professional chef can pull the strings out of melt sugar to make this dish.

拔絲地瓜_s ma l l

The second one is called “ice cream on bread” (“冰激凌麵包“).  The shell of the bread was over baked to be hard.  The core of the bread is sliced into small cubes, and a ball of ice cream is placed on the top of the bread cubes. The melting ice cream mixes with the bread cubes and make them sweat and creamy.


I still can’t figure out how the core of the bread was taken out, sliced then put back in.  But it is simply unbelievably tasty!

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