The Delicacy of Silk

As a person who was born and raised in China, one of my prides is its presenting fabric – silk.  Silk has been considered one of softest materials on the planet, in addition, its smoothness, shininess, breathability, delicacy and comfort make it suitable for many high – end fashions or accessories.

Knowing that I am a crazy lover of silk, my friends, relatives have been taking all opportunities to somehow send me something made of silk, including dress, Cheongsam, jacket, scarfs, etc..

Here is the latest addition to my collection of silk scarfs, which just arrived from China last week.

sheep_in_scarf copy

silk_scarf copy

Its color is Vibrant, and touching on its unusual texture reminds me of the early life in China and eases my Nostalgia.

Do you also like silk?


13 thoughts on “The Delicacy of Silk

  1. Absolutley! i have always loved silk, so how lucky am I to be living in Suzhou, the town of silk!!!!

    and lucky you to have family who always send you more. One can never have enough silk, I say!

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