OnePhoto Focus – September 2015

It is the first time for me to attend this fun forum – One Photo Focus.  I feel excited since I will interact with many professional photographers and learn from them.

Here is what the original image look like (submitted by Benjamin Rowe);

castle_original copy

It is a castle under a overcast sky, where a majority space is occupied by an empty cloudy sky.

Photoshop was applied for post – adjustments.

The first step I took to adjust the photo was to use cropping to reduce the size of sky and the ground, and to assure the castle at the place of one-third of image.

At the second step I added a black / white layer, then used reverse selection to remove the portion outside of the castle, which made the castle the only black / white object over the entire image.

The third step was to modify the curve / level on the first for a better combination of exposure / contrast, meanwhile increase the saturations of green, yellow and blue to make ground and sky stand out.

The fourth step was to download images of raining / stormy weather and a bird, and to create two different layers for the weather and the bird, separately.

The fifth step was to adjust the opaqueness of the raining weather and the location of the bird until satisfaction.

The final step was to merge these four layers: original, black / white, raining / cloudy weather and bird, together.

Here is the final results.

castle_adjusted copy

Thanks for looking, any feedbacks are welcomed and appreciated.

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