The Treat of My Vision


Soon after I started learning photography, I was taught that the best times of a day to take pictures are within an hour after sunrise and within an hour before sunset.  In this summer I have been practicing photo-shoting on these two time slots.

I noticed that photographing just after sun rising above the horizon was often challenging since the very bright sunlight sometimes makes focusing harder than usual.  Regardless of the difficulties I did manage to capture some shots, the following is one of them – sunrise on Lake Monona, Madison, WI.

Monona_sunrise_6 copy

Comparing with the moment of sunrise, the moment of sunset is more attractive to me, especially those silhouettes.  Here are a few shots, on Lake Mendota, Madison, WI.

But some interesting scenes might show up during a day as well, such as in the middle of morning or in the middle of afternoon, when sunlight is not shinning straight above the ground.  Here are some images captured between 2 – 3 pm around Lake Mendota.

I love these magnificent views created by our mother nature, they are true Treat of my vision.


8 thoughts on “The Treat of My Vision

  1. The magic hour is very important here in Australia too as our sunshine is particularly strong all year round but particularly so in summer. You have handled the subject brightness range with ease. Like you I prefer sunsets, always a wise choice.

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