Relaxing with “Mr. Tea”

Even though I am drinking one cup of coffee every morning in order to wake me up for a new day, tea remains my all time favorite drink.  No matter where I travel to, drinking tea is the best way to recover from exhaustion.

Last weekend I drove to Madison, Wisconsin where my husband got his education.

Strolling between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona under the heat waves, I felt tired and dehydrated.  I stopped in a tea shop along State St. to have cup of organic white tea with tasty lychee bubbles.

Just before I was ready to leave, I spotted a tea filter, named as “Mr. Tea”, displayed on a shelf.  I couldn’t help laughing out loudly.  Meanwhile I was amazed by the creativity coming with the design of this tea filter.  So I bought it for $12.

I can’t stop looking at this “Mr. Tea” since I took it home.  I took its pictures From Every Angle to share with my readers.

Is it cute?


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