Close – Up Macro

Capturing macro images is challenge, but fun.  Here is the collection of macro images I have captured during this spring and summer times:

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!

Close Up


14 thoughts on “Close – Up Macro

  1. Macros are one of my favorite ways of really looking into the things growing in my gardens. I have many but they aren’t processed yet. I plan to setup a new site just for my images. I’ll share them then. They are such fun to do! Thanks for your share!

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      1. I am so trying to get to them! I may have to get up very early everyday just to get my image and writing work done! We’ve been so on the go since hubby retired from work. I’m very tanned, he’s losing weight and we’re just always go-go-going! We’re going out to wrangle
        Dungeness crab this morning. This retirement thing is truly fun but requires some adjustment so I can get my own stuff done.

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      2. Thanks! We truly are! Retirement is really a crossroads to playtime after you’ve got all your chores done and money saved….We aren’t living on pensions yet. I have four years to receiving mine and he has two….We’ve just saved enough and budget well and play very cheaply.

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