Tea and Water

tea_flower copy

A Chinese legend tells that the connection between tea and water can be sourced back to many centuries ago, where a delicate tea tree was nourished by a creek besides her.

Since then tea is awaiting to meet with water from the time she leaves tree branch.  Water awakens his tea and tea fulfills her water.  Water embraces his tea and tea enriches her water.  Tea rejuvenates herself in water and water emits fragrance due to his tea.

A combination of tea and water cultivates and energizes life.  Making a cup of tea is just like constructing a life path, which needs effort, patience and timing.  With anything incorrect, it can turn to be too plain or too bitter.

Chinese calligraphy of tea is “” with a person placed between a grass head and a tree bottom, implying the similarity between human life and a cup of tea.  The fluctuations between peaks and valleys, twists and turns in a life resembles alternative blooming and withering of the plants through the four seasons.

Boiling hot at the very beginning, eventually tea and water cool down together with the time going and get into the stage of calmness and harmony.  In a long journey of life there should be the moments of feeling as calm and scented as a cup of warm tea.

While we are climbing a social ladder to pursue wealth, fame or desire, we are simultaneously carrying a load of burden and anxieties.  A cup of incensed tea can be a refresh to take us away from all those busy routines or chaos, and allow us to regain our self – identifies.

So once a while we should all ask ourselves: “Whose tea are you and which cup of water are you waiting for?”



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