If You are a Woman


If you are a woman, you must manage your social network. You can’t behave as a man to make friends with anybody you meet. Even though you are working in such an area as public relationship, you should limit your after – work time spending with the males other than a few who are significant to you. If you keep the habit of frequently sharing tea, dinner or late night with different men on different days, others, including the men with whom you are going out, may consider you as a frivolous being. In this way, you seem to have a lot of acquaintances, but lack true friendship.

If you are a woman, you shouldn’t rashly accept any expansive gifts from a man unless you plan a life together with him. In short, don’t get any temporary benefit and take a much bigger loss later. You should know that a wealthy man keep a concept called “investment” in his mind all the time. If you become one of his “investments”, he will for sure ask for return sooner or later. So as said before, there is no free lunch.

If you are a woman, you should not purchase low – grade apparels. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your daily styles, but you definitely need to consider dressing up properly whenever you go out to face the world. You can do little to change your facial appearance and body figure, but you can improve your temperament and raise your standard of taste by dressing up in an elegant way. To treat yourself well means to love yourself.

If you are a woman, you must pay attention on each detail of your daily manners. No matter whether you are standing, sitting, talking or walking, you should be lady – like. Even with your close friends, you should always behave as a lady. One exception can be made at home with your closest partner.

If you are a woman, you should not be fooled by the concept of “equal rights” with men. This equality is just a long – term dream, which has yet been realized, either in Western or Eastern worlds. As a result, male is still dominant no matter where you go. A smart woman is always thinking to leave some room for her man with whom she is sharing something important. You should not fight for so – called “limelight” or “publicity” with him. Especially for your husband, you should show full respect and trust. Only under the condition that your husband achieves far in his life, can you and your family achieve harmony and happiness.

If you are a woman, you must have your own uniqueness. You don’t have to be very beautiful physically, but you should try to let inner attraction shine out. If not, you should try to equip yourself with intelligence. If not, you should try to be virtuous. If not, you should try to work hard. If not, you should try to develop some skills. If not, you should try to grow self-awareness and walk along your own path. Given that there are ten cooking pans in front of you, you don’t have to turn every one of them into a perfect dish, but you should assure at least one well done.

If you are a woman, to marry a right man is the most important project in your life. This is simply because the scariest thing for a man is to have a wrong career while for a woman is to marry a wrong person. Even you already learn this principle, it is still hard to seek a balance between his capability and his financial security, between his characteristics and his social status, between his own success and his family background. You need to determine whether you would like to marry that person or the materials owned by that person. In a short, a man can be successful in many ways, however, a woman can only be successful in one way – to marry a right man.

If you are a woman, your family is all you have. You should love your family much more than your man does. You should strive to make a harbor for your man, so as that he can feel safe and warm at the place where you are around, not where luxurious building or belongings are. You should keep this goal as your top priority of your life, never place it below any of your own favors or values. Otherwise after you climb onto the top of social ladder, you will feel empty and lost without a happy family.

If you are a woman, you should remain low – key, not to covet for some sort of public fames. The more popular you become, the more people pour dirty water on you. Regardless of well – known politicians or celebrated movie stars, as long as you are famous you can’t escape from evil gossips. You reputation may be stained due to your unusual succeeding, in spite of money and power coming with it.

If you are a woman, especially a pretty one, you should be aware that any physical beauty of human being is just a temporary delicacy, as all other beauty on the earth. Thus you should take advantage of being young and energetic to fill your brain with knowledge and self – cultivation. Your inner fulfillment will further enhance your outer beauty. In contrary with a plain head, your outer beauty may turn to be your biggest misfortune.

Author’s note: I read an interesting Chinese article a while age, and decided to translate into English post to share with my readers.  Some points of view included in this post are not necessarily my own.  Any discussion or feedback are welcomed.

8 thoughts on “If You are a Woman

    1. The advices in this article was originally from a very powerful female politician in China, Wu Yi. Her political status in China is equivalent to Hillary Clinton at US, or Margaret Thatcher at England. The only difference is that Wu Yi has never married, which left one significant part of her life empty (at least in my opinion).


  1. When were these advices given? A long time ago…I suppose. Some of her advices are even more surprising if you know, as you mentioned, that the lady never married herself.


  2. I think it’s great advice. I think she knows the truth and is telling it like it is. I didn’t feel that the first time I read it but I read it again and could see the truth. Wise woman she is. Although I don’t agree with the fine apparel part b/c I just don’t have that ability in me b/c I have no style…the last paragraph is a gem. Thanks for translating it to share with us!


  3. I do agree that being a woman is more difficult as in the standards seems to be higher for us than for men!
    It is common for a woman to work and be the main caregiver. However, a man (some, not all, I know) can just go home after a long day, sit down and ignore the piling housework…

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