A Little Red House

red_house copy

This little red house is sitting in the middle of 400 – acre family farmland at Northern Wisconsin.  It was one of the very first houses built by my parents – in – law back to 1950s.

My father – in – law served in US Air Force during Korean War.  He married a beautiful young lady after the War, and brought her to his hometown.  They bought a small piece of land as a fresh start of their new life together.  Then they built this little red house, together with a small storage and a barn nearby.  The fertile soil on the land provided them with abounding resources to grow foods and raise cows.

Time was flying by, their hard – working and perspiration were paid off.  The original small piece was expanded into 400 – acre beautiful farmland.  Meanwhile their eight children all grew up and learned to work hard, which later helped them achieve significantly in various fields.

I didn’t have luck to meet with my father – in – law, but my husband told me his stories in the War and after the War.  Some pictures of his in military uniform revealed that he was a really handsome fighter pilot back then.  I also heard that he passed away in the middle of working – on his beloved farmland.

Inside this little red house, my then boyfriend introduced me to my future mother – in – law.  A year later in the same place he announced our engagement, and my future mother – in – law welcomed me to join the family by offering me a big warm hug.

In 2008 my mother – in – law spent the last few days of her life in the little red house.  She was laying on a chair in front of a window to see sunrise and sunset on the farmland until she passed away in peace.  Right now we all believe that they are both looking over us from the Heaven to give their warmest bless and the greatest Inspiration to their children on this piece of land they brought to us.


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