Something from Far Past

While visiting family farm located at North Wisconsin during this Memorial Day, I had an opportunity to explore the beautiful 400 – ace farmland.  By chance I found something which seems coming from far past.

old_house_2 copy

This little house was built around 60 years ago, after my father – in – law returned from Korean War and married a charming young lady.  At that time they didn’t have a lot of money so they had to build something really simple for their new family.  Even though they moved into a much bigger house later after their children were born, they decided to keep this small house for the witness of their love story.

old_tractor copy

That old tractor was among one of the earliest farm machines they owned.  My husband told me that his parents taught them how to manage a farm since their young age.  The tractor was the one my husband drove to do the work on the fields.  It was broken and Weathered, but it was still kept inside the old barn.  While I look at it, I could image a young boy driving it across green fields, and the hard work cultivated an outstanding man.

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