An Intricate Way of Negotiation

Can you guess what those two guys were doing by holding each other’s hand inside their sleeves?

They were actually negotiating on some business deals, for example, trading that horse behind them.  If the seller asked for 300 (whatever unit), he extended three fingers.  If the buyer was willing to pay 200, he extended two fingers.  If they both agreed with the deal they shook hands before they proceeded with exchanging of merchandise and money.

silent_negotiation copy

All those negotiations happened inside their sleeves, they remained silent all time and of cause nobody else knew what was happening.  Do you think this old style of negotiation was too complicated or Intricate?  Is it much easier to do something as auction (or silent auction) on nowadays so that the seller can get the best deal by accepting the highest offer?

In addition I have never figured out how those ancient traders to show the number of 256 using their fingers?  Does anybody know?

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