Walking under your Sunlight – Writing 101 Day 19

At this world there are people who don’t like you, and people whom you don’t like.  This is very normal, because no matter how good you think you are or how good others think they are, nobody is perfect, we can not over – demand from others.  In addition, being good is different from being favored by others.

To deliberately fawn other is to impairment self- esteem or self – dignity.  So you don’t need to deviate your own path in order to cheer somebody else up, because  your condescended behavior would result in condescending attitude from the person you are “looking up”.  This can encourage or cultivate more dictating, there is no equality between two people if they can’t look into each other’s eyes at equal level.

Neither do you need to differentiate “good” and “bad” based on whom you like or dislike.  Prejudice is created if you see something or somebody through an “emotional lens”.  If you tend to magnify “flaws” on others, you should not forget check back yourself.

One extreme of like is love.  In the realm of love, one person is willing to bloom all internal essence toward another.  It is the combination of attraction and adhesion, the affectionate collision between two souls.  But there is also an unfortunate situation that one in love does not necessarily get an equal response from the loved one.  Even though the one in love offers entire heart as an angel, the loved one may not even want to prevent to be an angle as a return.  Sometimes the one in love gets fooled by short – term “flirtation”,  she / he may feel hurt and disappointment in long – run.

Thus the biggest foolish for a person is to invest time and energy with somebody who doesn’t have the same feeling.  The worthiest at this world is to build a life with somebody who treasures you.  The former can cost your happiness, which you really should have shared with the one who loves you.

We should never pursue anything or anybody which is far-fetched.  After you feel exhausted, if you stop, relax and look around, you may find that it is not the end of the world.  For everybody there is always somebody who was born to love you, also somebody who was born to teach you.  This is just life, there is alternation of warmth and cold, which creates richness and completeness.

No matter who you are there is a piece of sky above especially shedding bright light for you, so enjoy walking underneath it!

路上的燕 copy

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