A Story of Bear Couple

 It was a nice sunny afternoon, a couple of bears were sharing a bath.  For some reasons they started arguing.

bear_couple_3 copy

Pretty soon their arguments was heated up, one shouted to another.

bear_couple_8 copy

A few minutes later the argument turned to physical fighting.

bear_couple_2 copy

But they realized they should stop fighting and start loving each other again.  They seemed calmed down and talked softly as before.

bear_couple_10 copy

Then they started smiling and kissing each other.

bear_couple_13 copy

The world is full of sunshine and happiness again.

Motion and Intricate

9 thoughts on “A Story of Bear Couple

    1. It was very enjoyable to see and capture the entire processes at a zoo, except that it was hard for me to make changes on their colors, so their fur looks dirty on those photos. 🙂


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