“Lenses” – Writing 101 Day 14

After reading today’s prompt, I picked up the book on my nightstand, which I have been reading every night.  The name of the book is “Complete Guide to Digital Photography”.  I flipped onto page 29, the first word jumping into my sight is “LENSES”.

在漢城湖照相_1 copy

So here is what I like to tell those lenses in my gear cabinet.

You, even though constructed based on basic optics I learned in high school, are the tools I rely on to capture anything around me which attracts my eyes, touches my soul or strikes my imagination.  So I definitely love and appreciate you!

More importantly carrying you around with my DSLR to shoot something trivial along the way have been an enjoyable activities outside my daily work.  You also encourage me to go for any possible adventures in brand new places in order to capture some surprises.

You know what, it have been a great relaxation for me at night to look and adjust those raw photos using Lightroom and Photoshop.  Often times I felt immediately refreshed from tenuous brain work as a data scientist after I resulted in some seemly pretty pictures through playing with those buttons in Lightroom and Photoshop.

I was almost proud of myself since I can not only build statistical models for a bank, but also produce some “artworks” with the great help from you – my lovely lenses, until couple of days ago.  I happily present some pictures I though among the best I have so far to a professional photographer.  He shook his head while patiently pointing out the defects on each picture, such as poor light, incorrect white balance or high noise.  I tried my best not to show my sadness and disappointments in front of him.

This event reminded me of a quote from a famous photographer, “a great picture is not taken but made”.  I believe all of you, my lenses, have outstanding functions.  The problems are with me, who is still at a starting point to “make” the best out of the raw materials you have been contributing.

So please be patient with me.  After the first interaction with the photography professional, I once again picked up the book to learn composition, light, white balance, noise, etc., in a much deeper level than before.  I believe I will be progressing toward perfection, as I have been doing in my professional field as a data scientist.

Stay tuned, lenses!

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3 thoughts on ““Lenses” – Writing 101 Day 14

  1. The world of lenses gives new meaning to the old phrase,’Let’s raise a glass’. Not handled glasses of both types can lead to disaster. At least with camera glass we have the chance to read up the positives and we can ignore the negatives, now that we have mostly gone digital. I really enjoyed your approach to the topic. It was a great and amusing read.

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