Breakfast at Belagio

I have to admit that I am not an actual “Early Bird“, especially at weekend.  But last weekend something prompted me to get up earlier than usual to enjoy the morning scenes at Las Vegas.

I got up earlier with a still sleepy head, then I realized that I needed coffee to completely wake me up before my day started.  I went to a cafe on the first floor of Belagio.  While I was waiting for my seat, I noticed those swans and lanterns hang from the celling just outside of the cafe.  They were vibrant and full of energy.  I used my DSLR Nikon D800 to snapped couple of pictures.

swans_laterns copy

After that I felt fully refreshed even before I got my coffee.

Here is the breakfast I had on that morning, which was taken by iPhone 5.

Breakfast_at_BelagioAfterwards I experienced a day occupied with interests and adventures at Las Vegas.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast at Belagio

  1. Great images from two entirely different cameras. It’s hard to go past the D800 and the IPhone is great for foodie shots when using the D800 makes you look like a food critic. Nice fun so early in the morning and you are not even outside yet.


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