Sing as Nobody is Listening – Writing 101 Day 8

Even already in early spring, there was still some pills of snow accumulated in halfway of the waterfall, and the breeze was still blowing cold air towards people.

Minnehaha_fall_2 copy

After snapping some pictures I started blowing warm breath onto my hands while walking across a bridge in front of the waterfall.  I ran into this guy who was alone playing guitar and singing, despite of cold weather and people walking by.  I wasn’t familiar with the songs he was singing, but I was moved by the enthusiasm and warmth he was putting in his actions, as nobody around was paying attention.

Minnehaha_fall_singer_1 copy

If I ask me whether I can present myself in front of the world without hesitation, the answer probably is NO.

As many others, no matter what I do and say, most of time I am worried about how others are thinking, feeling or judging.  Sometimes I have to give up something I was enjoying simply due to disagreements with social standards or the way that the things should be done in the past.

This stranger singer has inspired and encouraged me!

Why can’t I listen to my heart, check my mind to discover what the true self is.  Then I can enlighten myself to sing out as nobody is listening, dancing around as nobody is watching.

Theme: Go to a local cafe, park, or public place and write a piece inspired by something you see.


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