Gondola Ride at Las Vegas

I was at Las Vegas in the past weekend.  I walked into a theme resort – Venetian, which resembles Venice at Italy.  I was surprised that there is even Gondola ride except that those Gondolas were Afloat in much cleaner water, compared with those in Venice (I was at Venice in the summary of 2011, and didn’t ride Gondola since I was afraid of falling into dirty water by accident).

After I snapped couple of pictures I was amazed that a Gondola in the picture seems suspended in the middle of air beneath my feet and Weight(less).

Gandola_ride_1 copy

But I didn’t ride the Gondolas this time either since I was busy watching / taking pictures of them “flying” across the middle of blue water, from second floor of the hotel.

Beneath Your Feet


12 thoughts on “Gondola Ride at Las Vegas

  1. Hi Yan, I went to the Venetian in Macau some years back. Also took a gondola ride. was amazed and stunned at how “venice like” the decor really was. someone went to a lot of trouble!
    great photo 🙂

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