Jump Hight and Float Fun

I hate cold weather, and I am afraid of downhill ski.  But I am always looking forward to the winter time at Minnesota, simply because I have a lot of opportunities to capture those exciting moments of those young skiers flying high in the sky.

The following pictures were shot on the last weekend before ski season ended (at the middle of March).  The weather was warm, those kids took the advantage of being able to dress light.

Just look at them, they were Afloat in the air, just as easy as I was walking around lakes after dinner.

I was totally amazed!



12 thoughts on “Jump Hight and Float Fun

  1. “Great Pictures”, taking account that everything was moving. Actually, my strongest appreciation, as you said, is the fact, of what “they”, those “jumping, and flying”, are experiencing, in those fractions, or sequences of moments, of velocity, movement, traveling in the air, hitting the cold in their faces, and the sensation of having entered a whole new world of hidden possibilities for movement, and new goals over the already known limits, of reaching the heights with our own physical bodies . “That’s a tremendous feeling”,…that just by observing it, it’s a boost, and promotes inspiration for “Human Growth at any area”….. This is my way of expressing, what I learned, and the joy that produces me, looking at them:…..”Jesus,…God has his ways!!”. “Thank You, Yan”.


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