Are You as Happy as Before? – Writing 101 Day 4

It has been over two years, but we are still missing them dearly!

The boy’s name is Riley, and the girl’s name is Pip.  We adopted them while they were only eight weeks old, and I still remember their flighty voice in our arms while they were babies.  Those moments that they were crawling on my daughter’s bed to wake her up for school.  With the time going, my daughter even formed a habit not to get up from her bed until they came to her and snugged with her for at least 10 minutes every morning.

They were gradually growing up, together with my daughter, during 4 years at our home.  They stood besides laundry room door to see my daughter off to her school and waited on the same place for her back for dinner.  Three of them became inseparable.  More importantly, my daughter grew up to a patient, considerate and understanding person though her routine chores of interacting with Riley and Pip.

The happy time flew by, for unknown reasons my daughter started suffering stuffed nose, watering eyes, constant coughing and other uncomfortable symptoms.  We took her to our family physician, and the doctor suggested her to see an allergy specialist.  The test results came out that she had severe allergic reactions to felines.  Besides prescribing some medicines, the specialist advised us send away our cats, then clean everywhere inside our house to completely get rid of the dander.

It was obviously a hard decision, we explained to our then 8 – year old daughter.  She showed her understanding, but she let us promise her not to send them away until we found a good family.  We kept our promises, later introduced Riley and Pip to a nice family who had been looking to adopt couple of cats for a while.

While saying final goodbye to her feline friends, my daughter gave them last hugs before putting them into the cage.  She didn’t cry, as we expected, she told us later she believed that they would have a very good life at their new home.

It was two years ago.

Riley and Pip, are you now as happy as before while you were with us?



Theme: Serially Lost


9 thoughts on “Are You as Happy as Before? – Writing 101 Day 4

  1. Wonderful post.

    It was tricky to not mention who Riley and Pip and to let us guess by ourselves through the vocabulary you used, but you did it beautifully — should I also mention that you used personification amazingly?

    I’m sorry that your family had to get separated from them, but at least you were able to give them to a good family.

    Keep up with the great work!


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