Galaxy Falling from Sky?


At Minnesota, spring can be later than any other places on the Earth.

Even at the beginning of April, there are still big chunks of snow which are hesitant to go away.  Last weekend I took my DSLR to Minnehaha fall, as expected I saw snow chunks accumulating halfway across the waterfall.

Inspired by the photo challenge last week, I intentionally applied longer exposure time (~ 0.5 second) to create a blurring effect on the waterfall.

While I was looking at the photo after post – adjustment, a poem from ancient China suddenly jumped into my mind:

”Rushing straight down 3000 feet, I wonder whether the Galaxy falling from sky.”





6 thoughts on “Galaxy Falling from Sky?

  1. You have certainly handled the range of brightness presented by the snow, the falling water and the ambient light with aplomb. Your composition is spot on and keeping the people in the image adds to its total charm. Your words compliment you image ideally too.


  2. The longer exposure works really well and the overall toning is really nice.
    If you don’t mind a bit of a suggestion, the cloning out of elements is quite obvious. I would suggest feathering your clone tool or brush to blend it in better.


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