The Ancient Spirits – Writing 101 Day 2

Even though I have visited there several times before, it is still the first place I would like to go if I have chance.  It is called “Spirit of Poems” (“詩魂“).

There was a glorious period around 1,500 years ago – the Great Tang Dynasty, during which Chinese literature was blooming towards its peak.  A lot of talented and prolific poets left their outstanding works not only to let the following generations unfold the significant historic events, but also to create great references in Chinese cultural evolution.

The “Spirit of Poems” is located in the middle of the Great Tang Hibiscus Garden (大唐芙蓉圓), a place to display the achievements in poetry at the Great Tang Dynasty.  The extraordinary feature of this place is that instead of using papers to carry writings, poems, together with related sculptures, are all carved on the mountain of rocks!

詩魂_11 copy

Here is a general who was leading his soldiers returning home after a great victory.  The poem besides the figure is describing the hard journey and sacrifices they went through before defeating the enemies.

詩魂_7 copy

Here are couple of elders who are looking at sky and expecting the birds deliver their loves to their children who are living far way.  The sentences besides them says “even we are far apart, passion makes us stay as close as neighbor.”  My tear was rolling down my face while I pressed the shutter to take this picture.

I am not only amazed by such a creativity to present the essence of Chinese historical literatures, but also amazed by the seamless connection between the sculptures and the poems.  The elements in each combination enhance each other to tell a story in a very clear and concise way.

詩魂_30 copy

Here is a group of scholars and politicians who were gathering to discuss the issues and solutions in then society.  The poets is to reveal their ambitions and enthusiasm to create a better world.

Wandering among those rocks, I was immersing in a valley surrounded by the mountain of rocks and was completely isolated from a noisy metropolitan.  It seems that I transported myself back over one thousand years, I had become one of those poets, sitting together under smog – free sky, we were reading, writing, learning, exploring, even arguing……

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2 thoughts on “The Ancient Spirits – Writing 101 Day 2

  1. We think that our generation is the greatest the world has ever seen. How wrong we are when we are presented with these images and translation to consider. Wise words from wise me..


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