Early Spring at Minnesota

A winter at Minnesota usually lasts from October to March of next year.  It is not so unusual to see some more snow showers at the end of April or even early May.

After a winter as long as six months, a following spring becomes very precious and Ephemeral.  A spring at Minnesota can be as short as one month before summer arrives.   An early spring here provides local residents with its unique beauty reviving after harsh weather.

As a amateur photographer the transition between winter and spring is one of my favorite scenes since the gloomy sky and those lakes / ponds / rivers with floating ices are always attractive to me.

Couple of weeks ago I randomly took some photos around Walker Museum at downtown Minneapolis (the three on the top) and around Normandale Lake (the three at the bottom).

Among those photos I especially like the one with two geese standing on half – opened Normandale Lake, and wonder how long it takes them to fly back and forth between North and South.  At this time of the year, they are serving as “Early Bird” to delivery the message of spring to the world.  I am sure there will soon be goslings walking behind parents, sometimes we had to stop our cars in the middle of a road in order to let geese family cross.  Hopefully I can capture some shots including entire family of geese next month.


9 thoughts on “Early Spring at Minnesota

  1. Lovely photos! I must admit I don’t miss the winters in Minnesota – I lived in the Minneapolis-St.Paul area in the 1980’s. I do, however, miss the water! Living in NM now, we are one of the Southern stops for those cute geese you photographed – I wonder if those two will be stopping close by me this year?

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