A “Handbag”

Recently I have been obsessed to make photos of this red – blue – white “handbag”.

The upper left one was taken after I somehow fixed it on a wall with a little toy sheep lying on its top.

The upper right one was taken on a table surface with oriental paintings, the color of the “handbag” was removed and the rest of photo is as shot.

The lower left one was taken on a floor, together with a music box, a sheep and a toad who somehow climbed on the top of the “handbag”.

The lower middle one was taken in front of an end table with some decorative items on it.  The colors of the table, floor and part of the items were removed, the rest, especially the “handbag” is as shot.

The lower right one was taken with a group of sculptures at downtown Minneapolis, in this picture, the color of the “handbag” was intentionally saturated to form a strong contrast with its surroundings.

Can you guess what this “handbag” is made of?  Is it a real handbag or just a cardboard with cartoon images on it, or just the results of tricks in Photoshop / Lightroom?

Wish all my readers have a great April Fools Day !

Here is the answer, it is a real handbag.  The following photo of me carrying it was taken with iPhone 5, without any post – adjustment.


It is from Taiwan, with brand name “JumpfromPaper”.  It is made of cloth, its colors are so vibrant, just look like a cartoon.


Fool Me Once

22 thoughts on “A “Handbag”

    1. Photoshop can remove the color on local area, there are some free online trainings to teach you how to do that. Usually I used “layer” function to remove / modify the colors on any areas I selected.


      1. To remove the colour usually I click “select” function, but it takes too much time to do it, also I am not satisfied with the result.
        “layer” function? Is there a online training program?
        Thanks a lot! 🙂


    2. The following link includes some free trainings (the third one is about the application of layers) from where I started a few months ago:


      Also if you want to isolate some areas in photo, you may try “Quick Selection” tool or “Lasso” tool, with any of them you can just modify the local colors (or switch to black / white).

      Hope it helps.

      Here is a picture I used 4 layers to build:



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