Sharing as Their Triumph

What will the best thing for a farmer’s family be after a year – round hard work?

I discovered the answer for this questions while visiting a place called “Yuan Jia Village” (“袁家村”) last month.  The place is around 60 miles from my hometown, Xi’an, China.  I ran into this family operated wine store, where an old man, his son and daughter – in – law brought the jars of wine they brewed to share with their customers.  Meanwhile they really enjoyed chatting with the people whoever stopped by.  From their happy faces I could see the pride and confidence coming from sharing their fruits with others.

小酒店 copy

The picture was adjusted to higher contrast and saturation in order to let the color of wine jar (black), the color of labels on the jars (red) shine out above all other colors.



5 thoughts on “Sharing as Their Triumph

  1. Your clever post processing has made the image more striking and I imagine more similar to what the eye would observe at the scene. The expression on the three faces tell s it all. Well captured and great work. The realism is 1st class..


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