Through Windows

This picture was taken on the first morning after I arrived at Beijing last month, through the hotel window.  The sunlight and the buildings became blurring and mysterious through the haze.  This reminded me of a documentary, Under the Dome (“穹顶之下”), which has been banned at China.


Another picture was taken at “Yuan Jia Village” (“袁家村”), which is the place to display the folk culture at North Western China.

女朋友店 copy

This store has an interesting name “Girl Friend’s Store” (“女朋友的店“), inside a beautiful young girl is making and selling colorful soaps.  I like the store so much that I want to have a picture together with it.  But I was alone at that time, so I had to use the window on the door to reflect my own image while I was taking the picture of the store.

You see, I have been there !


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