What is in her mind? – Photo 101 Day 10

Inside the Valley of “Spirit of Poems” (“詩魂“), the part of Tang Hibiscus Garden (大唐芙蓉圓), the poems, together with figures, are carved onto rocks to display the achievements in poetry at the Great Tang Dynasty, China.  Each of the combination tells a story.

I ran into this lady who was sitting in front of a poem wall.  The poem on the Wall behind her revealed that she, one of the concubines, lost favor from the emperor and was forced to spend rest of her life in a isolated palace.  The story also told that she was so lonely that she wrote some words on a leaf and let it floating with creek to outside of the palace.  Hopefully somebody out there could get those words, understand her situation and eventually freed her.

But in that society her dream was next to impossible.

詩魂_5 copy

The picture was taken and post – adjusted to purposely leave some dark areas around the lady to illustrate her sadness and mysterious life at the palace.



Theme: Mystery & Light Effects


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