What if I Love Both of Them?

Yoga and photography are two my favorite pastimes.

Once a while when my work or family responsibilities are drawing more attention from me than usual, I can’t satisfy my passions for both of them by dividing my remaining time equally.  So I have been trying to figure out a way to combine them, i.e., enjoy them simultaneously.

On the past weekend, I selected a time free of yoga classes at the fitness center, put on my yoga unitard, took my Nikon D600 to the empty yoga studio.

Since taking pictures requires both of my hands, so I couldn’t capture me doing any postures in Ashtanga primary series which also requires any of my hands.

While I aimed on my reflection inside the mirror on the wall, for some reasons focusing became more challenging than usual.  High ISO was used due to fairly weak light source inside the studio.  This resulted in high noise level which I mostly removed by post – processing.

Even though I was unable to take the pictures of me in any hand balances, inversions, etc.,  I have to say that in addition to save time I had a lot of fun by joining two hobbies together.



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6 thoughts on “What if I Love Both of Them?

      1. you’re welcome. now, don’t forget to post your photos! the reason i know is because i did the same too. although i just used my phone, put it on a cell phone stand and used its timer while i did my yoga poses at home. 🙂


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