Down Deep and Screaming

On Sunday I went to MOA Nickelodeon Universe with my Nikon D600, to capture some dynamic scenes.

Luckily the nice weather provided good sunlight through the glass celling.  I was able to apply fairly short shutter time to “freeze” the dynamic moments that a roller coaster or a log boat rushed down from their vertexes, carrying happily creaming people.

Even though I could hear and feel the excitements those riders were having, I have never had enough gut to be one of them.  I couldn’t image how much I would be freaked out by looking at the Depth below me while I am at the apex.

6 thoughts on “Down Deep and Screaming

      1. True, pumping up your ISO and then reducing the noise in post production can help. These rides taken at dusk with their lights on can create some spectacular images. Sometimes the blurring can add to the image. Best, with all your photographic efforts.


  1. Nice pictures !!! it’s can be tricky to take picture of object at this speed.
    I feel really scared on the roller coasters ,but I always wanted to try them. And the moment of falling down without knowing what’s ahead is the best. It reminds me one of my first rides (when I was 6 weeks pregnant and didn’t know). My son is also a great fan of roller coaster. if you haven’t try them you should.


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